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We combine grocery coupons and consumer engagement to drive marketing efficiency.
At Hopster, personalized grocery coupons and engagement activities work together to drive profitable shopper behaviors in-store and online. Our full suite of tools provides Consumer Package Goods (CPG) Brands targeted and personalized promotions that capture household-level buying data and close the redemption loop for coupons.

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Mobile solutions with
Hopster Connect

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Performance-Based Pricing

Free prints, clicks and impressions – Our pay for performance model means paying only for redemptions or engagement activities.

Engagement + Attribution

Drive desired shopper behavior (trial, cross promo, RFM) online or off and enable consumer engagement (sign up, watch, review, tweet, share, like).

Household-Level Data

Target and remarket – create 1:1 connections with your shoppers and unlock household-level data, demographics & psychographics.

Flexible, Turnkey Options

Our out of the box, scalable solutions can be customized to your needs, including media integration, partner-hosted consumer portals or iFrames.

Our Suite of Brand Tools

Hopster Connect

Hopster Connect gives CPG brands a real-time mobile engagement platform that enables marketers to link traditional media with personalized brand experiences.

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Locked Coupons

Locked Coupons are a gamified way your consumers to unlock special higher value coupons while proving their brand loyalty. In some ways they are the digital equivalent to a "brand punch card," yet leverage digital game theory, by asking your "players" to accomplish given tasks to get greater rewards. Locked Coupons are highly targeted campaigns that bring a collection of brand interactions together, and feature repeat purchase through coupon usage and brand engagement through our activities.

How it Works:

When a user completes a Locked Coupon, they unlock a high-value reward coupon. All Locked Coupons give you the ability to offer personalized coupons to your shoppers based on their purchase history and interaction with your brand.


Locked Coupons help you drive various high-value shopping behaviors, including trial, repeat purchasing, cross promotion, consumer insights and engagement. Locked Coupons can be completely customized to help you exchange more value with your shoppers and get more from your promotions dollars.

Coupon Boosting

Coupon Boosting allows shoppers to personalize their offers using points they earn for completing various brand activities on the site.

How it Works:

Coupon offers can be personalized by shoppers when they earn points on  Shoppers apply Hopster points to increase the face value of their coupon.


Shoppers are more likely to redeem a coupon that they've created themselves.  Plus, points are funded by Hopster, meaning you are responsible only for the base coupon value even if shoppers boost and redeem for more.

Buzz Coupons™

Buzz Coupons utilize a consumer-to-consumer (C2C) marketing platform to increase awareness and discussions about your brand on social media. Buzz Coupons enable you to extend the reach of your coupon offer by rewarding your advocates for sharing on your behalf.

How it Works:

Hopster creates a custom Facebook application for your Facebook page where users can either print a base value coupon or share the coupon with their friends in exchange for a higher-value coupon. Hopster elevates your message by promoting the coupon on Facebook and Twitter to users in your target audience.


Buzz Coupons help you identify and build your network of brand advocates while efficiently introducing your brand to new shoppers.

Coupon Dashboard™

Coupon Dashboard is Hopster's secure client portal where all campaign data can be accessed offering unprecedented real-time access to household level campaign data.

How it Works:

Real-time reports show you your campaign results, including the number of shoppers, coupon prints, redemptions and brand activities completed.  Reports also show where your shoppers are located, what retailers they shop at and their demographic information.


Access your campaign data anywhere, any time. Closed-loop coupon redemption data can be used to help tailor and target promotions that further shape shopper behaviors. Leverage household-level data to build brand advocates, re-market to individual shoppers and grow your market share.

Pinterest Coupons

Hopster's Coupon Board on Pinterest takes the Sunday circular online in an interactive, shareable environment to give your coupon offers a unique way to spread to your audience.

How it Works:

The Hopster Coupon Board combines your high-quality branding graphics with coupon offers, similar to a traditional free-standing insert (FSI). Users can re-pin their favorite offers to share with their followers.  Pinned coupons click directly to your brand's page on Hopster where users can print your coupons and interact with your brand.


Instead of relying on print distribution that has little fraud protection, Hopster's coupons are uniquely coded to the individual.  This means your offers can actually be shared, fraud-free.  Plus, your coupon offers get showcased on a quickly growing social platform that is popular with your best shoppers.